Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Big Analysts seem to Agree with me, Now.

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This being my 100th post so I thought to throw some light on this bog's past. Please read on...

All of you who have been reading my posts here know what is my view, in general, for the stock markets and economy of US, India and most of the world. Whenever there were rallies I doubted them to be more like Bear Market Rallies rather than saying "its the bottom!" I had my reasons in support of my view - both fundamentals as well as charts were shouting in support of bears and the confirmation of that was when every time in such scenarios the masses were optimistic. And, by masses I don't mean that only ordinary people, it means most of the mainstream media and economists!

Its not that I was alone with this kind of view, in fact, there are prominent and respected guys like Bill Bonner(of The Daily Reckoning Fame), Dr. Rusty McDougal and Jon Herring (Investors Daily Edge), Robert W Colby (, Bob Prechter (EWI president) and partially John Mauldin (FrontLine Thoughts) to name a few who were bearish on economy and markets but what I want to say is there were very few who doubted those rallies. John Mauldin was doing well but in the effort of proving his "Muddle Through Theory" he faltered every now and then, but, I admire his dissection of basics and his analysis.

The biggest failure of the year is OoO (Oracle of Omaha) (not quantitatively but considering his experience of past he failed the worst of all). In terms of being clean failure no one can beat Jim Cramer of CNBC's Mad Money show. Jim has managed almost 100% consistency in being wrong throughout at least past two years.

Want more of those guys? watch this video:

I started writing this blog June last year and I request my readers to check my posts and decide for themselves how good or bad has been my analysis - both technical and fundamental. By this I am not trying to "prove" that I was right or so so, what I am doing is exercising my right to show my achievements if any and I do think I was more consistent and proved right more often than not than many BIG analysts throughout the globe.

I read an article on bloomberg which tells how some analysts are there for 400 - 500 on S&P 500 of US. Well, those of you who are my regular readers know that I had posted those "unthinkable" views of 400 - 500(read last paragraph) way back (about two months) than these BIG guys. The above mentioned article is actually about Buffet and you can read how early I had predicted that there is something wrong with OoO and he is faltering. Some of my friends were furious on that particular post but emotions can not and should not suppress facts. Today we know there is something BIG wrong with Buffet - OoO.

There are many more thngs I would like to discuss like Fiat Money, Govt Interference, Crisis Postponement Plan etc, but time is short and you can go through the links to see for yourself how my views have proven to be.

Yesterday's market rally was awesome! but be aware, there "some" interchanges with "full" very rapidly in such extraordinary times.

Happy Trading

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