Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Public Car of Future USSA (US of SOCIALIST A)

Dear Readers,
Following is a sarcastic piece of letter by my favourite Bill Bonner of The Daily Reckoning fame. He wrote this on the possibility of US Govt nationalizing the troubled GM and Chrysler. Here is the actual text copied from the e-letter:

"We were trying to imagine the car that General Motors/US Federal
Government would come up with. Surely, it would have to be safe...and
wheel chair accessible...and fuel-efficient. It would probably have to
have warning lights telling you where to exit in case of
emergency...and maybe some kind of GPS system for blind drivers.

The new government-run industry would probably have to abandon the
assembly line; the idea would be to create as many jobs as possible. So
workers would put the new cars together with old-fashioned screwdrivers
and adjustable wrenches, stopping frequently for 'get out the vote'
rallies and other consciousness-raising events. So, it would take
months to produce a car...and you'd have to wait for a new one, just as
they did in the old Soviet Union.

New cars could be designed by Congress like any other important piece
of legislation. Onto a hefty chassis could be bolted hundreds of
riders, amendments, exceptions and earmarks. Maybe a solar collector on
the roof - made by a large campaign contributor in Atlanta? Maybe an
extra steering wheel in case the driver has a sudden heart attack
(helpfully suggested by a supplier of steering wheels...and put forward
by his Senator). Maybe a smoke detector that automatically shuts down
the engine if it senses the driver is having a cigarette, as earnestly
proposed by the anti-smoking lobby.

And let's not talk about paint color. Color is a sensitive topic in
America. Probably all the cars would have to be either desert
beige...or even camouflage pattern so as to be useful for military
transport in case the country is invaded."

Hilarious! ain't it? I hope congressmen read it and take some ideas...


  1. that's one funny article. LOL! Go ahead make all cars camouflage. US is used to wars these days even with Obama. LOL!

    by the way i already added your site to my blog:

    and let me take this opportunity to inform you that i have started a new one. i hope you can visit it as well.

  2. The thought of people who may have falsely passed drug tests putting a vehicle together that my family and I would put our lives in scares the hell out of me. Otherwise, quite funny indeed.

    ~ Kristi


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