Saturday, December 5, 2009

Latest Investment Hotspot: Somalia - Weekend Humour

Dear Readers,
In today's world we all as investors are always in search of the latest and hottest investment candidate and place where it can be found. There are stocks and commodities exchanges all over the world where we can buy and sell assets. One who knows or has better idea of which place and which asset is going to produce best returns, can create wealth for himself. So, I thought why not find out something new and big for myself? Here is what I found out - Somalia.

Yes, Somalia, the land of pirates. Of late we heard and read so many stories of Somalian pirates hijacking merchant ships and 'earning' obscenely good 'returns'. Now, I am not that 'brave' to start my own venture out there and so I need to invest in some 'reputed' pirate companies. How nice it would be if there were a Stock Exchange which listed big pirate firms of the area! What? nonsense? It may be but this dream has meterialized! There IS a sort of Stock Exchange in Somalia and 'investors' are buying 'shares' of 'reputed' pirate firms!

Don't believe me? OK, read following lines:

"In Somalia's main pirate lair of Haradheere, the sea gangs have set up a cooperative to fund their hijackings offshore, a sort of stock exchange meets criminal syndicate."

This is not something I conceived, this is a piece of 'news article' from Reuters. To read it in detail click here.

Well, on weekends I am in funny mood and stories like this 'inspire' me to share them with my readers.

Have a nice Weekend and Sunday.....

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