Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hello Friends,

Today I am presenting here my near future plans. I want to expand my content to new fields like more about markets and explaining the details of Technical Analysis. I got to this idea as one good friend of mine advised me to add some stocks also in the analysis which can be beneficial for people who don't trade Indexes.

The second thing I want to add to this blog is accessibility by Hindi reading people. As its not a good idea to post in two languages on the same page, I am thinking of adding another blog for that purpose.

So friends, please suggest me your thinking about my plans...

I am waiting...



  1. nice plans yaar..
    but please do not over burden urself with hindi lanugage blog.. as then why hindi only, why not urdu , tamil etc.. u are already doing a lot by this blog , so no need

    secondly..stocks..if u want stock analysis.. then remember Nifty has 50 stocks.. would u be able to do them all...restrict stocks to SBI, RIL , ONGC , INFY , BHEL and LNT ONLY ..( add some chota bhai stocks too ) lol

  2. Dear Saurabh,

    Thanks my friend. You are right about overburden. But I was thinking of posting only those few stocks which I trade myself. Let me see if I can do it... About Hindi, well, I got this request from some people who are not that good in understanding the intricacies of TA in English. I am ONLY thinking about it, let me see if I can do it...

    As always, your views matter to me most...

  3. hi harry can add live candle stick graph of nifty with EMA or SMA.
    2.these days world market going up or down is depend on crude price so you can give direction for crude oil. can add few more Indies like bank,it,fmcg,oil,capital goods index . box.

  4. Dear Willrock,

    Thanks, sure I will think about that as well...


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