Sunday, October 4, 2009

Paul Krugman in another Nobel Prize Ceremony

Dear Readers,

You know about The Nobel Prizes but probably you are not very familier with Ig Nobel Prizes. Each year, close to the time when the real Nobel prizes are awarded, the Ig Nobels are bestowed upon scientists whose work "makes people laugh, and then makes them think," says Ig Nobel Master of Ceremonies Marc Abrahams.

The official theme of this year's Ig Nobels was "risk"--a nod to the recent collapse of global financial markets. The Ig Nobel prize in economics this year went to the leaders of Iceland's major banks, who were widely credited with destroying their country's economy. On stage to bestow that prize was Paul Krugman, a Nobel Prize–winning economist of Princeton. Did you read? Paul Krugman? The economist who once (in 2003) was 'scared' by inflation and high budget deficit, NOW has changed personality entirely!

He was agaisnt Greenspan then, and today, when Bernake is following Greenspan's footsteps, he is happy!!! This article on tells the truth about the Great Nobel Winner.

If there is God, then I request Him to save us from these 'Intellectuals'.


  1. In the post Google era, all the experts have become redundant, you've access to enough data, through which you can extract decent information and your own inferences rendering experts completely useless. Yes, this requires some work, but thats ok.

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